Welcome to the humble abode of Lloyd Dilley. When I am not working as a Linux/Unix system administrator at Hewlett-Packard, I enjoy bowling, programming, video gaming, and spending time with my wife and our children.

My favorite programming language is Java for its portability and versatility. However, I also enjoy working with C and Ruby. I have worked on various projects over the years. Feel free to check them out. You can track development updates by following me on GitHub or Twitter. Please also check out my blog and devux.org.

I tend to use IRC a lot and hang out on irc.devux.org in #sysadmininkudzu as lloyd. I would be happy to chat with you there.


Method - A fork of the Lonewolf UO emulator with features from the Sphere UO emulator
I no longer maintain this project. See here for a historical timeline of UO emulators. I have also archived the document here in case uox3.org ever goes away. Xuri is the original author.
If you are still interested in running a UO server, RunUO or Sphere are probably your best choices today.

IgniteIRCd - A fork of the Hybrid IRC daemon with enhanced operator support (no longer maintained -- use RubIRCd instead)

Play a joke on your friends by replacing their login shell with this program.
[View source] [Download] MD5 checksum: 1b8897c3026ec18361813c4054e38bd8

Improved "oog" that also attempts to exhaust all physical memory on a Linux/Unix system. Do not use on a production system! This program is intended for educational purposes to demonstrate why resource limits should be implemented.
[View source] [Download] MD5 checksum: 301f5aa37e1d752fb4d4055d15c4b33f

IRCQuote - IRC Quote system featuring a SQL backend for quote storage, Eggdrop TCL script to query quotes and for quote submission, and JSP script to query quotes

SEGS - The Super Entity Game Server
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Chmod Calculator - An Android app to help you calculate Linux/Unix file permissions with special bit support
[View source] [Download] MD5 checksum: 1816fa37233236045c4417e55eb97976

Umask Calculator - An Android app to help you calculate Linux/Unix file and directory permissions as a result of a umask
[View source] [Download] MD5 checksum: 981b063a580c43f17f908a638411e0ab

Unix Time Converter - An Android app to help you convert between Unix and human time
[View source] [Download] MD5 checksum: 584c2854505deb6d1811d68a09f22848

LinSim - Linux Simulator
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RubIRCd - An IRC server written in Ruby
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MineStat - A Minecraft server status checker for use with Java or Ruby.
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I am Dilleys on PSN and also Dilleys on Steam. Feel free to send me a friend request. I play Battlefield 4, Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft, and other similar games.

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