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sld_queue Struct Reference

#include <queue.h>

Data Fields

sld_queue_type queue_type
struct sld_listlist
struct sld_vectorvector

Related Functions

SLD_SSINT sld_queue_init (struct sld_queue *queue, sld_queue_type queue_type)
 Initializes a sld_queue. More...
SLD_UINT sld_queue_size (struct sld_queue *queue)
 Returns the size of a sld_queue. More...
SLD_SSINT sld_queue_add (struct sld_queue *queue, void *object)
 Adds an object to the start of a sld_queue. More...
void * sld_queue_remove (struct sld_queue *queue)
 Returns and removes the first object in a sld_queue. More...
void * sld_queue_peek (struct sld_queue *queue)
 Returns the first object in a sld_queue. More...
void sld_queue_free (struct sld_queue *queue)
 Frees any memory allocated for an initialized sld_queue. More...

Detailed Description

A sld_queue contains data in a FIFO (first in, first out) arrangement


Field Documentation

struct sld_list* sld_queue::list

a sld_list containing non-contiguous data

sld_queue_type sld_queue::queue_type

can exist in a resizeable array or a linked list

SLD_UINT sld_queue::size

contains the size of the sld_queue

struct sld_vector* sld_queue::vector

a sld_vector containing contiguous data

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